Rotational Moudling, Rotomolding, Rotational Molding

Granger Plastics Company

Internationally recognized rotational molding leader. Providing industry leading solutions from Aerospace to Waste Management and virtually everything in between.

Granger Aerospace, Aerospace Rotational Molding, Rotomolding Aerospace Products

Granger Aerospace

Manufacturer of Custom and Proprietary ULD Containers, including LD 2, LD 3 and LD 8 models. Offering custom Aerospace and Defense solutions for OEMs. Offering lowest total cost of ownership.

Storm Shelter, Rotomolded Storm Shelter, Rotational Molding Storm Shelter, Rotational Moulding Tornado Shelter, Granger ISS

Granger ISS Tornado Shelters

America's leading single family, underground Tornado Shelter. Exceeding FEMA 320 and ICC 500 standards, the Granger ISS provides your family near absolute tornado and storm protection.

Rotational Molding Beach Erosion Solution, Rotomolding Sandsaver, Rotational Moulding Natural Solution to Beach Erosion


Natural solution to beach erosion. The Sandsaver works by breaking down the wave energy and trapping the sand on the beach side of the module. Proven cost effective solution.

Rotational Molding, Rotomolding Burial Urns

ForeverSafe Products

Beautiful, yet durable theft deterrent memorial products. Water tight burial urns and theft deterrent cemetery flower vases offered in multiple finishes and colors. Bring flowers forever with ForeverSafe!

Rotational Molding

Rotational Molding Process

4 Stage Plastics Manufacturing Process

Most molding processes of plastics requires force to be used to distribute material thru the mold. Rotational Molding utilizes gravity and rotation to mold each part, making the rotational molding process virtually stress free. Read to learn more about the rotomolding process.

Rotational Molding Design

Rotational Molding Design

Designing for the Rotomolding process

The process of designing a mold or tool for the rotational molding process should involve an engineer who understands the principals of rotational molding and rotomolding design. Learn more about rotational molding design before you being your next rotational molding project!